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5953 Shoreline Hwy
Bolinas, CA 94924

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15acre lot


A one-of-a-kind, West Marin enclave that symbolizes the trail blazing spirit of the Northern California Coast. A historic place where creative, independent-minded people sustain on an abundance of inspiration and natural resources. 

Allow the history, natural beauty, and freedom of space guide your imagination..

Endless potential awaits at this rare & iconic 15-acre ranch steeped in West Marin history. Amazing setting at the southern tip of Point Reyes National Seashore, just north of Bolinas Lagoon, and mere minutes to the Pacific Ocean. Sunny and warm topography with serene vistas. 

The property features three homes, a large modern workshop, growing areas, unspoiled forest, a stream, a pond, and much more. Possibly create a family compound, grow crops, graze live-stock, own horses, build yurts or cabins, paint, sculpt, etc.

Less than one hour from San Francisco and unbeatable proximity to world class outdoor activities and cuisine.


  • 15 Acres (one parcel) 
  • Olema Valley Views
  • Bolinas Ridge Views
  • Golden Gate National Recreation Area Views
  • Point Reyes National Seashore Views
  • Sunny and Warm, Naturally Weather Protected Parcel
  • Several Natural Springs
  • Copper Mine Creek  
  • Hand-built Outdoor Bread Oven
  • Living Edge Cypress Property Fence
  • Three Huge, Vintage Wine Casks
  • Agricultural Acreage
  • Amphitheater made from SF Curbstone


Craftsman Home – Middle Field

Creekside Cottage – Lower Field

Modern Farmhouse – Lower Field 

Modern Workshop – Upper Field

Old Milk Barn Studio - Lower Field

Pottery Studio - Lower Field

Old Barn Workshop - Lower Field

After the Gold Rush, the need for lumber to build the fast-growing city of San Francisco, and supply local ship builders, was insatiable. With forests of gigantic redwoods and relatively easy access to San Francisco, Dogtown flourished. Eventually, in the 1850’s, saw mills became the center of a booming lumber town called “Woodville”, with a hotel and its own stage coach stop along the Olema trail. As time passed, and the industry slowed, the area became populated by market hunters and was coined “The Dogtown” by locals, for the large number of dogs kept by hunters. In 1976, Marin County gave their stamp of approval by designating Dogtown as an official place on the map.

Jon Dirienzo

(415) 744-4161
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